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Blue Devil Branch Re-Opens for New School Year

September 28, 2021 – Our Blue Devil Branch re-opened for the school year at Wayne Elementary this month, kicking off its third year of operation.


SNB hired 24 fifth and sixth grade students to work as tellers at the branch this year, all of whom attended two trainings to prepare.  Opening day took place September 16 in the elementary school’s cafeteria, where sixty students made deposits and saved more than $350.  Since it opened in 2019, more than 200 students have made 2,200 deposits and saved $12,600.  Great job students!


For background, this in-school bank allows students in kindergarten thru sixth grade to open a savings account at school with parental permission.  On weekly bank days each Thursday, students can make deposits into their accounts. The emphasis is on regular savings, not big balances, so students can learn to be lifelong savers.  On a student’s first deposit, State Nebraska Bank & Trust deposits $5 into the student’s account as an incentive to participate in the program.  Students also earn fun incentives based on frequency of deposit, such as bookmarks, book fair coupons, and school supplies.


The bank is open every Thursday morning at 7:30am in the school cafeteria.  Parents must return a signed permission form, available to pick up in the school office or download, for their child to open a Blue Devil Branch account at school.  For questions about the in-school bank, visit our website at, or contact Jillian Pierson, the bank coordinator, or Andi Diediker, the school coordinator.